If you are struggling with acne under skin however, the problem is even more difficult to manage and treat. Acne can be a troublesome problem when you are dealing with whiteheads and blackhead type pimples.  Acne under the skin is known as cystic acne and is the most severe kind of acne anyone can have.  If you have ever had acne under your skin, then you know how painful and embarrassing it can be.  You may also know that there could be long term ramifications from acne under the skin as it can lead to ugly, permanent scarring.

Acne under the skin is much different than acne that pops up in a traditional breakout, because acne under the skin is the result of aninfection that is deep below the skin’s surface.  As a result, nodules or large cysts will appear on your skin’s surface.  It is almost impossible to squeeze these nodules as you would with a standard whitehead.  For one thing, squeezing acne under the skin is extremely painful.  For another, when you try to squeeze acne under the skin you actually make the condition worse by lodging the infection deeper beneath the skin, thus prolonging the life of your acne under the skin.  This will lead to longer periods of breakouts, inflammation that is tender and painful, and eventually severe scarring.

If you have acne under your skin, do not wait for it to go away.  The sooner you treat it the better your chances of preventing scarring.  You can try over-the-counter medications that include ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid to treat your acne under the skin.  If your case is severe, talk to your doctor to go on a treatment program that will directly attack the infection that is causing the acne under the skin.  Your doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics that will decrease the bacteria that is causing the acne under skin.  The antibiotic will reduce the bacterium population, and you will see a reduction in inflammation in a few days.

Treating the Acne Under the Skin

Some women are also prescribed oral contraceptives as a means of treating their acne under the skin.  Skin glands that are in overdrive and produce more fatty deposits than normal are the cause of acne under skin, and are triggered by hormonal fluctuations.  Oral contraceptives will control those hormonal fluctuations and are very effective in many women that struggle with acne under skin.

Another common treatment for acne under the skin is the injection of a corticosteroid directly at the site of inflammation.  This treatment is performed in severe cases.  The steroid will reduce the inflammation of the acne under skin within days.  While the treatments are not comfortable, they do offer the additional benefit of preventing scarring from acne under skin.  The steroid will burst the cyst under the skin and dry it out completely.  This is the most effective treatment for scar prevention.

If you struggle from acne under your skin, the best thing you can do is treat it immediately. Talk to your doctor about your doctor about your specific condition to obtain a treatment plan for your acne under the skin.