Acne Vitamin E treatment has been studied extensively, and there are many links between acne and Vitamin E that show acne Vitamin E treatment can be extremely effective.When one is coping and struggling with acne, the first response is to purchase over-the-counter treatments and deal with the problem at the topical level.

Many people do not take into account the benefits of treating the acne from the inside out.  This kind of treatment works at the human systems level by taking care of our body from the inside out.  Vitamin E is one substance that you can use to treat acne both at the topical level and at the internal systems level.

Acne is the result of a number of changes that occur in the body, and is very often attributed to excessive hormonal fluctuations that trigger the production of acne causing bacteria.  One way that acne Vitamin E treatment works is as an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals working in human systems.  Many clinical trials have been conducted that suggest a strong relationship between acne and Vitamin E.

 Acne Vitamin E Treatment an Effective Solution

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology has recently reported that Vitamin E works towards the prevention of trapped oils in the pores of the skin.  This prevention of trapped oils thus decreases the chances of struggling with painful acne inflammations.  Acne Vitamin E treatment works to reach the surface of the skin by being secreted from the pores.  Thus, if trapped oils from the skin can be cleared, acne Vitamin E treatment can reach the top layers of the face to prevent acne breakouts.  Acne Vitamin E treatment in this study then was found to act more as a preventive treatment for acne lesions, rather than a treatment plan once breakouts have occurred.

An additional study in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology noted a link between the amount of Vitamin E in the blood and the presence of acne.  Here researchers compared Vitamin E levels in the blood of patients that were struggling with acne but had gone untreated.  They compared Vitamin E levels with a number of participants that were considered healthy and did not have acne.  It was found that the healthy participants had higher levels of Vitamin E in the blood than did the participants struggling with acne.  This led researchers to conclude that lower Vitamin E levels in the blood can cause an outbreak of acne, and that acne Vitamin E treatment would be an effective solution.

Acne Vitamin E treatment can be a very effective solution and can be taken internally to work at the overall system level, or it can be applied directly to the acne lesion.  Acne Vitamin E treatment is also very beneficial in the prevention of scar tissue and to make the healing process more efficient.  While acne Vitamin E treatment may not be the most effective solution for treating current acne lesions, it can be very beneficial as a prevention method and as well as reducing the likelihood of scarring.