Is laser acne treatment effective? Years ago, when someone had painful or embarrassing skin conditions, such as acne or acne scarring, there was no treatment. Today, technology is so advanced that we no longer have to live with discouraging and embarrassing skin conditions.



A common misconception behind laser cosmetology is that these treatments are for the vain. In fact, laser treatments have greatly improved and serve to provide many medical treatments for those with severe skin conditions. One of these treatments known as laser acne treatment, that has become increasingly popular and effective in the treatment of severe acne and acne scarring.

For a long time, dermatologists have used procedures known as facial peels and dermabrasion to heal scarring that are caused by acne. In fact, in mild cases, thesetreatments are still being used. For many people, these are very effective treatments; however, severe cases of acne will still require additional services. In these cases, laser acne treatment is a recent development that has shown significant improvement. Laser acne treatments work below the surface of the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen and tighten the skin that exists underneath the scar tissue. The additional collagen growth plumps up the scar tissue, thus, reducing the appearance of the acne scarring or eliminating it altogether. The end result is one that lasts much longer than traditional dermabrasion techniques.

Laser acne treatments are also known as laser-resurfacing techniques. These laser acne treatments use high-energy lasers to eliminate the skin tissue that has been damaged through acne scarring. The three kinds of laser acne treatment are Smoothbeam laser, VBeam laser, and Fraxel laser.

The Smoothbeam laser is a technique that is performed with a local anesthetic on the affected area. A cooling spray will be applied to freeze the area to ensure that your laser acne treatment experience is a comfortable one. The advantage to this laser acne treatment is that you will not experience the common side effect of redness of the face after this treatment, as you would with some of the other treatments.

The VBeam laser acne treatment technique is the most effective treatment for any form of acne scarring because it combats all types of acne. This treatment works directly on the blood vessels underneath the scar tissue and is very effective on red scarring.

The Fraxel laser acne treatment technique is the most advanced treatment of the three and focuses primarily on eliminating the older skin cells on the surface. The precision of this laser acne treatment makes it the most effective of the three treatments because it targets only the acne scar area without traumatizing the surrounding areas of the skin.

As with any medical procedure, there will be some discomfort experienced for approximately 1 week after the laser acne treatment, and your clinician can provide relief. The most common side effect is extended redness surrounding the treated area.