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Acne Green Tea Treatment

Have you ever heard of acne green tea treatment? If you are struggling with acne problems, you may have tried every product on the market with little to no success.  Many people that are coping with acne as a consistent and recurring problem have turned to alternative or natural treatment methods as a means of eliminating their acne problem.  The turn to natural healing for many conditions is a very popular choice for many, and when it comes to treating acne, the situation is not much different.

The advantages to treating acne naturally are that these treatments are generally much less expensive, and are also more readily available as these treatments can often be found in your own home.  Green tea is one such treatment that is currently being proffered as a very effective solution to acne, and acne green tea treatment has become very popular recently.

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Acne Product

When acne gets out of control, it is often necessary to use some sort of acne product, to mitigate the unsightly appearance of inflammations. By using any of a variety of acne products, it is easy to control acne, at least to a certain extent. The most effective of these acne products are discussed below.



Often, when searching for an acne product, people lean toward daily scrubs or rinses, ignoring other acne products as masks. Masks, however, can be extremely effective in combating acne. This is seen with the Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask, which, although it requires a significant amount of time and is rather costly, can alleviate stress in addition to clearing the skin. The lavender scent is very therapeutic and is often used to reduce stress, because stress is often seen as a contributor to acne. Another mask is the Neutrogena Cooling Gel Mask, which prevents the clogging of pores and should only be used for acne prevention rather than control. Masks are a very efficient way of treating and preventing acne.

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Acne Scar Treatment

Whats the most effective acne scar treatment? Acne scars are unsightly reminders of a time that most people would rather forget, but still many people continue to live with them. Acne scars are usually a result of deeply penetrating, severe acne and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, all of which depend on the type of acne that formed them. Large or small, with smooth or jagged edges, many people would simply prefer to have their acne scars treated to reduce the severity of their appearance, or ideally, to eliminate them entirely..

One of the most commercially available options for acne scar treatment are topical treatments, such as vitamin E and cocoa butter cream. These treatments may claim to heal scars, but there is little evidence to prove that they actually do reduce the appearance of acne scars. Even commercially available treatments to reduce scars such as Mederma have little evidence to prove their efficacy.

Perhaps less drastic than surgery, but also less effective, is the option of steroid injections. When steroids are injected into a scar over a long period of time, it is possible for the scar to flatten out and have less-pronounced edges, making it generally less noticeable. This treatment only works in keloid scars, or those raised above the surface of the skin.