Is it possible to have buttocks acne? Having to endure the condition of acne on your face is embarrassing enough, but experiencing it on other areas of your body can be even more embarrassing.  One such place that is a commonly affected area of acne is the buttocks area, and it seems that acne on buttocks is more common among men than women.  The reason for this is that men are more likely to have a greater concentration of hair, and thus perspiration in this area than woman and thus have a greater likelihood of being affected by acne on buttocks.

Unfortunately, acne on the buttocks is also the one place where acne will persist well beyond the teenage and puberty years and into adulthood.

Buttocks Acne can be the result of many factors.  Common factors being touted as the source for acne on buttocks are ingrown hairs or infected follicles of the hair on this area.  The most common source of acne on the buttocks however is a combination of both bacteria and sweat that results in inflammation and the blockage of sebum in the pores.  The end result then is acne on buttocks and they can sometimes be very difficult to treat.

Many times the standard treatments that will work for acne on your face will not be as effective as treating acne on buttocks.  The reason for this is that acne treatments intended for facial use are formulated to cover a smaller surface area and to pinpoint specific spots on the face.  When it comes to buttocks acne, these acne treatments are not designed to cover wider surface areas where the skin is not as receptive.

One way to treat acne on the buttocks is to ensure the affected areas are always dry and clean, yet amply moisturized.  If the skin is washed too excessively, the pores will dry out and make the areas prone to inflammation.  This will eventually lead to further breakouts of acne on buttocks.  Good solutions for this home treatment are a high quality anti-bacterial soap with a moisturizer that contains a slight acidic content.

Some over-the-counter treatments are available that may be specifically targeted towards acne on buttocks or other areas of the body.  When you are looking for a good over-the-counter method to treat your acne on buttocks, you want to ensure the product you select contains anti-bacterial properties and agents that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Because inflammation and bacteria are the known culprits of acne on buttocks, these are the two primary properties you want in your acne on the buttocks treatment.

Your ideal treatment program for acne on buttocks should include your antibacterial cleanser, an anti-inflammatory product like salicylic acid, and a moisturizer that contains some acidic properties that will not clog pores.  All of these products are readily available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy, and, when combined, will ensure your skin is both moist and working to prevent pore blockages.  Your treatment for acne on the buttocks will not happen overnight, but with consistent use, you can clear this problem up in no time.