Have you ever heard of acne urine therapy? If you are one that deals with acne on a consistent basis, you may be seeking alternative forms of treatment in your desperate search for the right treatment.  You have probably tried every prescription or over-the-counter method, and may have even considered light therapy. Many of these may have worked on the short-term basis, but may not be giving you the lasting results you are looking for.  If this is the case, you may want to consider unconventional treatment methods such as acne urine therapy.

Urine therapy itself holds its origins among the mystics in India and is considered to be an alternative therapy associated with tantric work.  Only recently has acne urine therapy become recognized as an effective solution towards acne treatment.

The theoretical basis behind acne urine therapy is that the urine from the body contains a host of hormones and antibodies that are good for our overall health.  The materials in the urine also include a wealth of minerals and vitamins that our body has gotten rid of because the internal systems do not require them.  Thus, using acne urine therapy is a means of putting to good use the materials that are beneficial, but not currently being used by the body at the internal level.

Acne urine therapy is something that you can do yourself in the privacy of your home without anyone every even knowing that you use this treatment.  The process involves a collection of your urine into a sterilized cup. The best time to collect your urine is with your first morning urine, as the most antibodies and materials will be found in this collection.  You then perform your acne urine treatment by applying the urine directly to your affected blemishes.  You can do this several times throughout the day, and some have been known to leave it on overnight.  To preserve your acne urine treatment, you can put it in a sealed container and keep it in the fridge to use it later in the day.  You don’t want to use one collection for more than a period of one day, and if you continue with your acne urine treatment, you should have a fresh collection every day.

Acne urine therapy is known to have an exceptional healing effect when it is applied directly to your skin.  Acne urine therapy is also a very good toner for your skin.  This acne urine treatment is sterile once it has been collected, and thus it also contains antiseptic properties.  If you have a healthy diet and do not use allopathic medicine or chemical drug therapy, acne urine therapy can be a very beneficial means of cleansing your skin and attacking your acne blemishes.