Have you ever heard of acne green tea treatment? If you are struggling with acne problems, you may have tried every product on the market with little to no success.  Many people that are coping with acne as a consistent and recurring problem have turned to alternative or natural treatment methods as a means of eliminating their acne problem.  The turn to natural healing for many conditions is a very popular choice for many, and when it comes to treating acne, the situation is not much different.

The advantages to treating acne naturally are that these treatments are generally much less expensive, and are also more readily available as these treatments can often be found in your own home.  Green tea is one such treatment that is currently being proffered as a very effective solution to acne, and acne green tea treatment has become very popular recently.

Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat a number of medical conditions.  Acne green tea treatment has only recently become one of the two leading herbal remedies for the treatment of acne.  The secret lies in the way the green tea is made.  Many teas are fermented in their production process, whereas green tea is instead steamed once it has been harvested.  This procedure ensures that the leaves of the green tea will not undergo oxidation, as they would in the fermentation process.  The steaming process ensures that the active ingredients of Camellia Sinensis and Polyphenol are retained in the tea leaves.  These two ingredients are known to be powerful antioxidants, and thus lies the secret in acne green tea treatment.

Acne green tea treatment is also known to serve many other functions – acting as an anti-bacterial agent and will consequently decrease the amount of hormonal fluctuations in the body.  When hormone fluctuations are in overdrive, the production of excess oil results, and as do clogged pores which are the source of acne lesions. Because acne is caused by excessive hormonal fluctuations, acne green teat treatment can be a very effective solution for the treatment of acne.

Green tea also contains many powerful antioxidants that make acne green tea treatment very effective.  Antioxidants are known fighters in the body’s war against free radicals, and it is these free radicals that are the culprits behind tissue and cellular damage.  When this cellular damage occurs at the skin level, acne breakouts are more likely.  Thus, once again, acne green tea treatment can be a very viable solution for those that struggle with acne regularly.

Because acne green tea treatment is found to be so effective, it is not only being suggested as a drink, but acne green tea treatment is also found in many topical products and creams that are used specifically in the treatment of acne.  Acne green tea treatment is also a good choice as green tea offers little to no side effects in the treatment of acne.