What comes in our mind when we think of acne and pregnancy? When we think of acne, we almost always associate it as being one of the standard trials of adolescence.  The reason acne is so common in adolescence is due to the extraordinary changes of hormones that occur during the teenage years.  These hormonal surges are also very common during pregnancy and acne and pregnancy is a very common problem.

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy result in a noted increase in sebum production that consequently fills the pores and forms acne.  During the various stages of pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations are extremely high, and as a result, acne and pregnancy quite often go hand in hand.  Acne and pregnancy is most commonly experienced during the first three months of pregnancy as this is when the highest and quickest fluctuations of hormonal surges occur.

Acne and pregnancy is a very difficult condition to treat. The reason for this is that most medications traditionally prescribed for acne would have negative effects on the unborn baby.  One antibiotic known as Erythromycin may be prescribed for acne and pregnancy if the condition is severe.  This is not always the most effective solution however as many bacteria on the skin are resistant to the antibiotic.  Erythromycin may be used as an alternative if other methods have failed, but it is not always the most effective treatment method for acne and pregnancy.  Thus, acne and pregnancy is generally treated with over the counter solutions or through natural remedies.

Natural acne treatments are quite often very effective at treating acne and pregnancy.  Thoroughly washing the face twice daily with clean water and non-irritating cleansers will work.  Tea tree oil is very effective at targeting specific spots and blemishes for acne and pregnancy.  Chemical based cleansers and washes should be avoided, and natural or organic products are best recommended for face washing in the treatment of acne and pregnancy.  Clay masks are also known to be very effective at treating acne and pregnancy, particularly if you are dealing with blocked pores, blackheads, or oily skin.

A sound diet is the best thing you can do when treating acne and pregnancy.  You should be drinking as much water as you can, and this will be beneficial for all of your systems, as well as for treating acne and pregnancy.  Detoxification with plenty of water will help to cleanse your body of the bacteria that causes acne during pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables are a good staple to have in your diet when treating acne and pregnancy.  These products will cleanse your systems and detoxify the impurities that cause acne and pregnancy.  Stay away from fatty or fast foods as the oily buildup from these foods will make your acne condition worse.  Overall having healthy eating habits will be an excellent long term treatment for your acne and pregnancy.  Further, they will also ensure the baby you are growing is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs.