Is it possible to have acne on arms? While most of us associate acne with the kind that appears as unsightly pimples on the face, there are many different kinds of acne that can cover almost any part of the body.  These types of acne can range from harmless types such as acne mechanica, to rarer forms that can be debilitating such as acne fulminans.  One kind of acne that is not as common as acne on the face, but still very troublesome, is acne on arms.

Acne on arms is a fairly common form of acne that falls under the category of acne mechanica and it can be caused by a variety of factors.  Wearing constrictive clothing on a regular basis or by rubbing an area excessively will cause acne on arms.  People that are prone to acne on their face or other parts of their body are likely to be affected by acne on arms as well.

The best treatment for acne on arms is prevention.  One of the easiest ways to avoid acne on arms is by immediately taking a shower following any physical activity.  This will ensure that the pores on your arms are cleansed immediately, and any excessive perspirationwill be cleansed right away.  This will ensure that your pores have a minimal chance of becoming clogged, and thus reduce your risk of acne on arms.  Another way of preventing acne on arms is to pay attention to the clothes that you wear on a daily basis.  Ensure your clothes are not constrictive and do not create friction or rub against your arms on a frequent basis.  Doing this will decrease the friction against your skin which will in turn decrease the possibility that your pores will clog and cause acne on arms.

Acne on arms can also be seen in some women as high up as the shoulder areas.  The most common cause of this is through the use of bras that are too constrictive.  When the bra straps rub against the shoulders on a regular basis during the day, friction results, and perspiration accumulates causing clogged pores.  If you are a woman that experiences acne on arms at the shoulder level, you should consider having your bra straps readjusted, or buying a different sized bra.

Treatments for Acne on Arms

Treatments that are used for acne on arms are generally much different than standard products you would use for facial acne.  The reason is that the skin on the face has a much more delicate consistency than the skin on the remainder of our bodies.  Treatments designed for the face are thus formulated for this delicate skin, and will not be as effective for treating acne on arms.  Products containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid will be very effective at treating acne on arms if they are used on a regular basis, even when there are no flare-ups of acne on arms. These will eliminate the waxy buildup caused by friction that is the cause of acne on arms, and will also be a measure towards preventing acne on arms when used regularly.